Promotional personalized watches: quality and value to celebrate and promote your brand



Celebrating a success, event or anniversary related to the history and values of your brand is an important moment for your company. 

Telling a piece of your story to customers and employees is a moment of extreme value and it is essential to choose carefully how to do it.

TAN SA is a leading custom watch manufacturer and offers a customization service of promotional watches already in the catalogue and made available by brands that collaborate with the company. The customer can choose the watch to be customized on the basis of its specific objectives.

The production of customized promotional watches can be limited, even to very small quantities.

Celebrate and promote your brand with a custom watch

Valuing your brand with a custom watch is a way to create a unique and exclusive luxury accessory to sell or give as a present. Over the years, high fashion and luxury living brands, as well as brands from various sectors, have collaborated with TAN SA to customize a limited edition watch with the brand’s logo to celebrate a corporate event, for marketing strategies or to give a luxury product to their customers, suppliers or collaborators.

Why choose a customized watch

A watch is an accessory meant to last over the years, which will accompany the wearer at all times, both at work and during leisure time.

Whoever receives or buys the watch will carry with him the logo of your brand and a piece of its history, associating this high value item to your company.

Customizable promotional timepieces are high level and unique brand image tools that can be designed on the basis of quantitative and qualitative needs of the brand interested in the service.

How to customize a watch

To customize a watch simply contact TAN and book an appointment.

Once we understand the customer’s needs, our team will propose some watch models on which it will be possible to customize, for example, the dial, the caseback or the strap.

TAN can offer additional services such as customizing the movement of the watch.

When to choose a customized promotional watch to celebrate your brand

TAN, over the years, has worked with several internationally renowned brands to customize limited edition series of watches, initiating collaborations between the client brands and some of the most famous watch manufacturers.

Here are some examples and ideas on customizing watches: 

Retirement Gift

Every year, one of our clients active in the Food & Beverage industry has been gifting retiring employees with a gold personalized promotional watch with the brand logo engraved on the case.

It is a way to thank the employees for their work over the years and to enhance the image of the brand.

Celebrating the Brand

One of our clients in the fashion industry created a limited series of promotional personalized watches to celebrate the company’s anniversary. These watches were gifted to invited guests at an event organized by that occasion.

This project was made possible by working with one of our brand partners to create an exclusive accessory to match the brand’s image.

Marketing Strategy

For one of our clients from the automotive sector, we have customized a small series of watches as a co-marketing initiative between their brand and another prestigious top brand in the same industry.

Would you like to create a custom watch for your brand?