Interchangeable straps and customised watches to suit every occasion

Interchangeable straps and customised watches to suit every occasion


The design of a watch is characterised by elements that make it unique and recognisable, with an identity that can be elegant, sporty, or classic.

Worn on the wrist, it will be an accessory that expresses your personality and style.

When choosing your timepiece, the strap should be selected with care, as it gives your watch character and is one of the first elements to be noticed.

The strap is the only element that can be replaced quickly and easily by the user; in fact, some models allow you to change it, for example, using a rubber strap for sport and a metal bracelet for evening wear.

Traditionally, leather straps are chosen by those with a more classic and elegant style; they distinguish some of the most famous and iconic vintage watches, as well as some of the most popular contemporary models.

Metal bracelets are an excellent solution for a versatile watch, suitable for both formal and athletic contexts.

There are several models, some unique and unmistakable, others more elegant, and yet others more sporty.

They are a long-lasting solution chosen by many watch enthusiasts

Rubber straps distinguish the sportier watches and smartwatches, appreciated for their comfort and practicality, and are an ideal solution for sporting activities or everyday use.

Some watch models developed and produced by TAN allow for the possibility of changing the watch strap in seconds without special tools, customising your timepiece to suit any context.

What Is an Interchangeable Strap?

An interchangeable strap can be easily removed and replaced with another, without the need for tools or special skills. This type of strap has a system that allows it to be replaced with another quickly and easily.

The first interchangeable straps were made in leather, without integrating the bracelet into the case; a small spring bar with pins allows it to be removed and replaced. The only condition is choosing a strap of the same width.

Case Study: Interchangeable Straps Integrated Into The Case

Some brands have developed interchangeable strap and bracelet systems that are integrated into the case with a customer-friendly system.

This technology is much more complex than what came before. The challenge is combining the compactness and solidity of the watch with the interchangeability of the bracelet.

TAN has inherited and perfected this technical system, which has made it possible to solve the problem: a spring bar enters the holes in the case and locks the bracelet; by means of pins, the spring bar can be released from the case to replace it, allowing the solidity of the watch to be maintained regardless of the type of strap used.

The trade-off between solidity and interchangeability is crucial in conferring a high-quality feel to the user, who can use his or her fingers to activate the mechanism and change the strap.

While collaborating with Rodolphe Design, it was essential to integrate this system creatively into a line of sports watches that allowed for the possibility of changing the strap with elegant solutions.

It was important that the designer’s stylistic and aesthetic choices were not influenced by the mechanism for interchangeable straps and that it was therefore hidden, integrated into the lines of the watch.

‘With TAN we have achieved this by means of a non-invasive system that is simple to activate but, at the same time, only visible while wearing the watch.’

Rodolphe Cattin – Rodolphe Design

The Advantages of Interchangeable Straps

Interchangeable straps are becoming increasingly popular among watch enthusiasts due to their versatility and customisation options.

With an interchangeable strap, you can easily change the style and appearance of your watch without having to buy a new one.

There are several reasons why you should choose an interchangeable strap for your watch. Here are some of the main advantages.


With interchangeable straps, you can easily change the look of your watch to suit the occasion, your style, or your mood. For example, you can wear a leather strap for elegant occasions and a rubber strap for a more sporty look.


Interchangeable straps allow you to customise your watch according to your taste and style. You can choose from a wide range of colours, materials, and styles to find the perfect strap for your watch.


Choose the strap material according to your needs and preferences. For example, leather straps are more elegant and durable, while rubber straps are more resistant to water and everyday wear.


Consider the design and style of the interchangeable strap. Choose a strap that suits your personal style and is in line with the look you want to achieve for your watch.