How to create a collection of private label watches



Watches reflect the character and style of the wearer, from the sportiest to the most elegant models up to smartwatches. 

Creating a line of watches starting from the original idea is a unique and exclusive service that allows customers to choose every detail to communicate their values and those of their brand. 

So, how to create a watch and start your own watch brand? Here we are with some tips from TAN SA about how to make your watch and startup a watch brand.

Why a Swiss watch maker is the best partner to create a private label watch collection

A private label watch collection is often developed to celebrate a unique event or add a luxury accessory to the brand’s catalogue.

TAN’s private label watch design, development and production team specializes in following every step of the watch line creation, supporting the customer with the expertise gained in over 30 years of work.

TAN selects the best components, movements and materials that meet the customer’s needs, up to the serial production and delivery of private label watches.

Our production of high-end private label watches is not based on a specific, pre-existing catalogue.  The watches created ad hoc will be part of a new unique and exclusive collection and can be SWISS MADE or not, depending on the needs of the customer.

Our philosophy is to combine the traditional art of watchmaking with the use of cutting-edge precision instruments, to offer quality standards at the highest levels and in a short time.

Over the years we have created watches for fashion, luxury and design brands.

How to start your own watch brand in 4 steps

If you want to start your own watch brand particularly a private label watches collection that reflect the values of a brand, you may already have a project created by a watch designer or a professional collaborator, or upon request, can rely on the skills and experience of our design team, a team that works with the best national and international designers in the watch industry.

In just 5 months, we will be able to design and produce the private label watch line.

The main stages of creating a private label watch collection are design, prototype development, assembly, and quality control.

For TAN, quality controls on each watch manufactured is an integral part of the process to meet the customer’s needs.

The customer will be able to control the production process at every stage, either personally or through trusted professionals.

TAN can offer additional services such as storage of components and watches and additional controls that may be required by the customer both in the initial phase of development and in the final phase.

1) Watch design and planning

The first phase if you want to create your own watch brand is the design and engineering phase, can begin in two ways: 

a. The customer already has an aesthetical design, the experts of TAN SA evaluate together the best way to realize it

b. The customer has an idea but not yet a well-defined design and, upon request, our design team assists the customer in the development of the watch in line with the brand and according to the customer’s needs. 

TAN can collaborate with the best watch designers in the industry to achieve the desired result.

Choosing high quality components is a crucial phase while developing the collection in order to obtain/achieve a high-level result: TAN SA collaborates with a wide range of national and international suppliers permitting to always obtain the desired result.

We are able to deal with and integrate into the watches any type of movement, even the most complicated and advanced.

In this phase of design and planning, the customer can also select the materials the watch will be made with, the dial, the type of strap and every detail of the watch.

Upon request, it is always possible to look for special materials and sophisticated movements.

2) Prototype development

Based on the project, we produce prototypes before starting the series production, to make technical surveys and verify that every detail meets the quality goals and that the project satisfies the customer. 

The prototype can be physically checked by the client or by a professional of his trust, who will be able to evaluate the output and suggest possible changes.

3) Assembly and serial production

Once the prototype has passed the tests and is ready for serial production, TAN’s specialized watchmakers assemble the selected components using state-of-the-art machinery.

Our private label watch assembly service is considered one of the most qualified in Switzerland, with a team of over 20 professionals and a production capacity of 10,000 watches per month.

4) Quality Control and Service

Each watch of the customer’s exclusive line is approved only after technical and aesthetics tests and controls. Quality controls and water resistance tests are performed on every watch produced.

In case it is requested, TAN can offer an additional service of personalized after-sale assistance for the customer’s brand.

Want to build your own Swiss watch collection?