Eco-Friendly Watches: Sustainability in Watchmaking

Sustainable watches


Demand for sustainable watches is steadily rising. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the products they buy, and in 2022 the Deloitte Swiss Watch Industry Study showed that 77% of consumers are looking for sustainable watches. The watch industry had to adapt and incorporate sustainable practices into its manufacturing processes. In addition, many companies, from historic Swiss haute horlogerie brands to innovative watch start-ups, are investing in environmentally friendly watch manufacturing.

Sustainable Materials for Watches

One of the main ways the watch industry is becoming more sustainable is through the use of eco-friendly, recyclable, and ecologically produced materials.

Traditional watchmaking often relies on the use of metals such as gold and silver, the mining and production of which can be harmful to the environment and, in some cases, dangerous for workers.

By contrast, materials such as recycled steel, eco-friendly leather from organic sources, and recycled plastic are becoming increasingly popular and in-demand in the industry.

Sustainable Private Label Watches

TAN SA can meet the demands of companies wishing to produce a high-quality collection of sustainable watches using components made from recycled materials, such as cases and bracelets made of recycled stainless steel, straps made of leather obtained by processing environmentally friendly products, and other components made of recycled plastic.

Packaging can also be tailored to customer’s needs, favouring sustainable solutions that use as few materials as possible.

Eco-Friendly Watch Straps

Traditionally, watch straps are produced using leather, which has a significant environmental and ethical impact.

Some watch companies implemented innovative solutions, such as using vegan leather or leather made from organic products, like apples, bananas, or other materials.

Watch straps can also be made from recycled rubber or plastic, e.g. using fishing nets or waste collected from the ocean.

Another cutting-edge solution is to create high-quality leather watch straps using maize.

TAN SA can provide these and other solutions to customers and partners looking for high-quality production with low environmental impact for their watch line. The use of sustainable materials can be indicated with specific certifications proving the origin of the products.