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Origin and development of TAN

Tan SA is a family company founded in 1984, but the Romualdi family works in the watch field since more than 50 years.

The activity began in Italy already during the years ’50. In the years ’60 a dial factory was also opened and later on given way around the end of the years ‘80.

The business has been always based on the production of complete watches in «Private label», starting from the assembly of different mechanical movements with manual or automatic winding on semi-automatic chains, followed by dial and hands fitting, casing,quality control, etc.

The quartz era advent brought the decision not to install any assembly chain for this kind of movements, but to buy directly the complete movements from the different movement makers. It was at that period, exactly in 1978, that Mr. Romualdi junior (Chemist) finished his studies and started to work in the company.

He followed and practiced directly all the steps of the movements and complete watches assembly. In order to better learn the quartz technique with all its peculiarities and the necessary cares in terms of cleanliness, absence of dust, etc. he spent a lot of time in training at the most important swiss movement makers (Eta). He also lived 3 months in New York, still thanks to the support of Eta and he stayed for few weeks in Japan, having a training at the Hattori/Seiko factories.

In 1984 the family took the decision to switch all the activities to Switzerland, with the advantage to can offer to all the customers the Swiss Made watches. The company services became better and stronger, face to the higher quality standard requirements.

Tan employs today about 20 people.

Starting from the year 2000, Tan is also installed in Hong Kong, with a chinese partner. Thanks to this structure, which employs about 40 people, with modern and performant facilities, Tan can now offer «non swiss made» watches with impeccable quality at a very attractive price.


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