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Production and competences

The production is usually based on exclusive models reserved to the different customers. In fact, Tan doesn’t show any open collection available for everybody. Starting from the design brought by the customer, or, on request, provided by Tan itself, Tan handles the product development, in several steps, by submitting the technical drawings, the prototypes, the pre-serial samples, until the massproduction.

The experience and the deep knowledge of the watch field, acquired during its long presence in the market, insure a perfect finalization of each project, in terms of choice of the components and suppliers most suitable to match quality and price requirements. Thanks to its structure, Tan is a very flexible company, capable to quickly answer to the customer’s requests and to insure a very paying cooperation.

Finally, Tan is a company highly skilled to the realisation of models strictly exclusive, at competitive prices, with a very high quality, short delivery, personalized and careful service, thanks to its solidity, its flexible structure, very well equipped , with a stable team who works together since longtime.

As natural consequence of the above competences and abilities, Tan can also offer a very high quality service of T2 assembly.

Starting from the year 2000, Tan is also installed in Hong Kong, with a chinese partner. Thanks to this structure,which employs about 40 people, with modern and performant facilities, Tan can now offer «non swiss made» watches with impeccable quality at very attractive price.

Swiss made and non swiss made

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Royal Glory International Ltd


At the end of the years 90, the request of high quality watches not necessarily produced and assembled in Switzerland, is getting stronger.

For this reason in the year 2000 Tan decided, in cooperation with a Hong Kong partner, to establish the company Royal Glory with the aim to produce non Swiss Made watches completely manufactured and assembled in the Far East.

Royal Glory International Ltd