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Production process

Inspecting the components
All components are counted and undergo a visual inspection upon arrival.

Assembling a sample piece
Our watchmakers then assemble a sample piece to determine the technical details (e.g. stem length, height of hands, etc.) and to ensure there are no problems that might jeopardise the production process.

Mass production
We then proceed with the mass production of the series, starting by the manual fitting of the dial, followed by the expert positioning of the hands with the help of Seiler tools, which have been prepared and fitted for different calibres.

Next comes the casing: air ionisers allow for the removal of static electricity from the components, thereby facilitating the cleaning process performed with compressed air and vacuum systems. The case back is secured with an electric screwdriver (if using screws) or a Seiler variable speed / torque tool (in the case of a screw back case).

Water Resistance Testing
All our watches are tested for water resistance by means of various instruments, depending on the characteristics of the watch.

Running Inspection
Quartz watches are tested for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure they are in perfect working order, before the finishing touches – band or bracelet – are added and they are delivered.

Automatic watches are wound with a special machine where the winding parameters (like date, time, duration) can be fixed, in order to keep the watches running also during the not-working days.

The power reserve of a watch wound to the maximum is checked and then again after 24 hours of running time.

Customer Inspection and Dispatch
If customers wish to inspect the timepieces before they are dispatched, a space equipped with all the necessary instruments is made available to them, so that they may carry out technical and aesthetic checks.